Thursday, July 23, 2009

Senator Snowe, Get It Right Again!

Why Maine's so called moderate Republican Senator Olympia Snowe thinks we can wait years for good health care is beyond me. But the story just gets worse.

Last Saturday, in front of many hundreds of demonstrators in Portland's Monument Square, Olympia Snowe's position on health care was clearly outlined by her representative, Cheryl Lehman: full support for the public option from day one. Period.

Good news, right? But what Snowe giveth, she taketh away. After the jubilation at the senator's finally taking the same position as the majority of her constituents, she now says that isn't her position at all, that she still wants to give insurance companies lots and lots of time to prove they can do a better job after all--while still maintaining record breaking profits. Huh?

Look and listen for yourself. While many websites have, at the Senator's request, removed video of Saturday's statement, Daily Kos has not. trigger here, just the public option Mainers are asking for. And more....take a look at why Senator Snowe might just feel that her constituents' voices are not the loudest ones she hears.

Senator Snowe, you got it right in Portland. You owe this one to Maine.

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Gary Dawbin said...

Right on (and write on) Rita!! I was there at the rally in Portland and heard Cheryl Lehman assert, after referring to her own well-known history with breast cancer, the senator's (presumably) revised position on health care reform and were jubilant that she had finally come to her senses. We were duped! She is a two-faced, turncoat, sleazy Repugnicant who follows her party
s marching orders when the chips are down. Well, her chips are down now and she will be voted out in the next cycle. We have put up with her lies and deception long enough. My wife calls her "Olive Oyl" because she resembles that character from Popeye, but that also could apply to her political posture as well - she is bathed in slippery oils - olive and snake.