Friday, March 7, 2008

Puerto Rico, Texas, Apples and Grapes

We're just learned that Puerto Rico, which had been going to caucus on June 7, will now hold a primary instead, moved up to June 1. I guess they took a hint from Texas' caucus woes.

And what about Texas? Media reported a Clinton win, based on the primary, which went for her by a close margin, but the cold molasses that passes for an information stream this week projects Obama as a big winner in the caucues, which are the second part of the Texas two-step. According to NPR, he is likely to net three delegates from Texas when all is said and done.

Here's my only other insight today, and for this, put on your mathematical thinking cap. We saw a figure showing the "popular vote" between the two having only a three thousand vote difference in the race taken as a whole, thus far. If that number was a combination of caucus and primary results, it's an apples/grapes problem.
Obama does better in caucus states, Clinton does better in primary states.
Good so far? Think of an apple as a caucus vote. It's bigger, and while being only one piece of food, is MORE food. Think of a grape as a primary vote. While being one piece of food, it is LESS food than an apple.
Still good? If Obama has ten apples and five grapes on his table, and Clinton has has twelve grapes and four apples on her table, she has more pieces of food, but less food. Of course, they're both out in the yard picking fruit, so who knows?
Well, enough about food, I'm off to lunch now.