Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Story

I made the news last Saturday night when Channel 13 reporter Jim Cyr shoved a microphone in my face at the beginning of the Portland health care demonstration march and asked me what my interest was in the issue, what brought me to Portland. Having little time to think, hanging on to one end of the Kennebec County Democrats banner (with Bia Winter at the other end), and not wanting to lose our place in the march or impede the marchers behind us, I blurted into the mike (and I am paraphrasing here but you get the gist) "I'm here for my children. 4 out of my 5 adult children have, through no fault of their own, become disabled and/or unemployed and are in danger of of losing everything they worked for. They went to college, got good jobs, bought homes and raised kids. They were hard working responsible citizens and they don't deserve to lose all that they have gained." If you saw the 6 PM Channel 13 news Saturday (and I understand it was repeated later on Sunday morning), you saw the edited clip of what I said.

My story is much more complicated and detailed than that, but I can't get into the details here. (I had originally posted the details to this blog but was asked to remove them to protect my family's privacy.)

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