Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reform Rx – $100 To Kill Someone’s Health Care!

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama's drive for healthcare reform suffered a setback on Thursday when Senate leaders said they would not be able to pass the measure before leaving for a monthlong August recess"

With lobbyist cost to kill health care reform running at $1.4 million dollars per day and 14,000 Americans lose health care every single day in this recession, that’s like spending an even $100.00 a day to kill someone’s health care. Math aside, the true cost of delay is immeasurable for those affected and immoral by any standard of political decency. In fact, a Families USA report estimates that more than one working-age Mainer dies each week due to lack of health insurance! What price are our representatives willing to have us pay?

The disciples of delay hope to drastically water down reform and spread fear in the interim. Senators Snowe and Collins need to hear about how this harms Maine citizens. Their participation in further impediments to prompt reform is beyond justification.

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