Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reform Rx - The Collins Dodge

7/15/09 - President Obama met at the White House with Republican Senator Susan Collins.

"I urged him not to rush consideration of the bill," Collins told reporters later. "This bill is going to affect virtually every American. If the president tries to rush this through in the next two weeks...I fear the process will be very divisive."

A great follow up from Collins Watch: "Fair enough. But more important: What does the junior senator think about the content of the plans moving through Congress? Could she support the House bill? The legislation emerging from the Senate committees? Are there popular ideas that she considers off the table? Reform features that she can't live without?"

We are still waiting for Susan Collins to represent us.

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Anonymous said...

Susan Collins will never admit that her loyalties lie not with her constituents, but with GOP leadership. Official polling data shows what Mainers want. That, clearly, does not matter.