Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Excuses, excuses, excuses...

A – The governor’s man, Dan Billings at As Maine Goes:
"Very low voter turnout. The Democrats did a better job motivating and turning out their base vote. Special elections are a different animal -- they are all about voter ID, motivating the base, and get-out-the-vote. Different strategies and different tactics are needed from a regular election."

B – The legislative insider, Representative Andre Cushing, Assistant House Majority Leader in the Bangor Daily News:
“What’s lost in this is that the Democrats knew who they were running last fall, so [Johnson] had a lot more time to meet with voters.”

C – The candidate, Representative Dana Dow in the Lincoln County News:
"I would simply say this vote represents a referendum on the governor and maybe the budget we are trying to get passed. That might have something to do with it. I don't feel its [sic] referendum on Dana Dow. It's bigger than that."

D – The loose cannon, Maine State Republican Chair Charlie Webster in the Bangor Daily News:
“I don’t think an individual election changes the next one. It’s a good win for them but it doesn’t change our plans.”

Hey gang, here's a bit to ponder and even a free not taxpayer funded suggestion or two:

A – Dan, Republicans with their registration edge in the district are no longer motivated and lavishly outspending your opponent by four to one a strategy that isn’t working (sorta like Mr. Romney)? Maybe it’s your boss's message.

B – Andre, Republicans had a name recognition problem and suffered from less time to meet with voters even with running a sitting State Representative and former Senator from the District? Maybe they are waking up to how they have been misrepresented by Republicans.

C – Dana, bingo, you’re right on, pass go - collect $200 (that's $50 in Democratic dollars by your spending margin), it was most certainly a referendum on Governor LePage’s plans for our state, that was the big elephant sized issue. A lesson learned would be for you to go back to the House and oppose his agenda. Maybe you should switch parties, call us.

D – Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, you’re not going to change your plans? Please, please, please do keep thinking that way. (See drawing above.)