Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reform Rx - Snowejob

Senator Olympia Snowe continues to talk about reform as if she is the champion we need in our corner. In today's Kennebec Journal Maine Compass piece she engages in a quite a bit of that talk. But she just doesn't walk her talk.

She sounds pretty pleased with the damaging slow down now occurring in the process. Most disappointingly, she relegates a robust public plan, the best possible engine for reform after all out single payer, to a "fallback plan" to be applied to states if needed when insurance companies do not meet whatever watered-downed criteria they may need to meet. It is exactly this naive absolute trust in the heavy lobbying private insurance industry and carving up America into little state market playgrounds that let's these special interests Tread on ME. Senator Snowe unbelievably supports failure as a major reform option.

Please write Senator Snowe and react directly to the Maine Compass piece. She needs to understand that her position is misguided and not what we expect and need from her representation.

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