Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reform Rx - Republican "Dear Senator" Version

My previous post "Dear Senator" was written as a template you are welcome to use, modify, adapt, expand, and send to Senator Snowe and Senator Collins. Please help prevent them getting more letters from this RNC template:

Dear Congressman or Senator and Last Name:
The president’s plan for a government takeover of health care will cause many Americans to lose the private insurance they currently enjoy and interfere with decisions of care that belong between a doctor and patient. Any health care reform passed by Congress should strengthen a patient’s control of health care, not threaten it.
The president’s insistence that there is only one option before Congress to reform health care presents a false choice. Republicans have presented principles for reform that will strengthen patient choice, preserve quality care, end lawsuit abuse and drive down costs. All of these reforms are possible without a government-run plan that would add substantially to the public debt.
As a concerned constituent, I am urging you to oppose any government-run component in health care reform and consider a solution that truly strengthens our health care system.

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