Monday, September 28, 2009

Reform Rx - Make It Snowe

Tomorrow is the day that we may see Senator Snowe publicly cast a vote regarding the public option. The Baucus bill mark up process will include amendment votes on including a public option in the bill unless another tactical delay occurs. While we suspect that Senator Snowe will oppose inclusion of a robust public option, you can still urge her to change her mind.

You can contact her office in DC to ask her to support a strong public option and drop her backing of any triggered public option.

Senator Olympia Snowe
Phone: 202-224-5344
It will likely be busy; put it on speed dial and keep trying!

Senator Snowe is being given the opportunity to join the 58% of Maine citizens that want a public option to compete with insurance companies by truly representing our interests over corporate profits.

If Senator Snowe votes NO, she might well represent the "kill" vote on the public option for the Baucus bill.

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