Sunday, September 6, 2009

Reform Rx - Taking Care from Business

A very informative and personal story in today's Kennebec Journal about what owners of small businesses constantly face in the struggle between pursuing an entrepreneur's path and the burdensome cost of paying for 100% of their health care unlike employees of larger entities.

Small businesses are often lauded the engine of employment growth. The boot-strap small entrepreneur is the wonder hero of conservative pundits and the right wing faithful...

…except when it comes to leveling the playing field with large companies by providing reasonable health care for small firm owners and employees.

…except when it means giving small business an equal opportunity to attract talented employees by allowing health care portability or a seamless government option.

…except when an adequate government health care option might encourage someone to take an entrepreneurial risk or two.

…except when it means reducing the shoveling of premiums into insurance companies to produce profits that do not provide any health care benefits.

…except when it means placing small businesses in bankruptcy jeopardy over unreasonable medical expenses.

…except when it means reforming rules that allow insurance companies to selectively jack up small business rates to rid themselves of less profitable premium payers.

…except when government run health care might help small business versus upsetting big pharmaceutical profits that can be used to advertise more drugs for more profits.

…except when the political donations and dollar flow for lobbying are just not enough from true entrepreneurial small businesses.

…except when a little moral compassion might strengthen our country and small businesses.

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