Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reform Rx - Sen. Snowe please go on the record

Yesterday on the Sean Hannity radio show his guest was Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), a very conservative Senator and physician, who believes that health care for the less fortunate is just a community concern and not something that needs government intervention. To be fair and balanced, here are clips from CNN and FOX regarding his position when confronted by a woman crying out for help at a Coburn town hall event.

What astounded me yesterday while “auditing” the Hannity program for insight into the right wing mind was hearing Senator Coburn mention Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) admiringly. The transcript is not freely available. I refuse to send Hannity a single cent and will continue research to obtain and hopefully post the written or recorded transcript.

The essence of the conversation about Senator Snowe was that Senator Coburn has been watching her operate in negotiations on health care and reassured Hannity that he is very confident that she is not going to give in on a public option or allow government control of health care. While we hope that Senator Snowe will negotiate in good faith and will recognize the necessity of a public option, we must understand that there are those on the right who equally are pressing her to be their hero.

Let’s call upon Senator Snowe to disassociate herself from Senator Coburn’s remarks about her on the Sean Hannity show. Stating that she negotiates in good faith and does not exclude out of hand a public option would reassure Maine citizens that we won’t be treated as dismissively as Oklahoma citizens are by their Senator

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