Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reform Rx - Senators for the State of Status Quo

Senators Snowe and Collins have given us their positions clearly after an extraordinary effort to convince each of them of the needs of Maine citizens for substantive health care reform with a robust public option. They coldly, with no persuasive reasoning, smilingly reject our health care needs and sentence us to the status quo.

Senator Snowe continues to urge rejection of a pubic option. Senator Collins rejects a public option or even a triggered one.

While I do believe we elect representatives to use their best judgment and not just parrot the majority whims; this is an instance where their conclusions are so defective that it must become a watershed characterization of their terms in office. Only the State of Status Quo is well represented.

The letters, calls, faxes, office visits, protests, vigils, and other efforts must go on because we citizens need to carve out a public record to create the long memory necessary to replace Senators Snowe and Collins with representation aligned with our needs.

We must say to the President and others: “I hail from Maine but please do not compromise with our Senators; they compromise our vital needs.”

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