Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reform Rx - Collins Dissing Us

Senator Collins is not swayed by messages about health care. She does not hear the voices of Maine citizens who need workable health care reform and a public option. She ducked out this summer on a nine day overseas trip and refused to connect with constituents or publicly seek their opinions. Now it seems there is no way to reach her.

From MPBN regarding health care media ads today:

"I don't think the members of the delegation nor the people of Maine are influenced by political ads that are run by out-of-state groups advocating positions," Collins told Capitol News Service. "We saw that when I was up for re-election last year, when a lot of groups were running attack ads against me."

It appears that Senator Collins apparently believes that an ad on health care reform is an “attack ad”.

Many of us have written to our Senators. I and many others urged all of us to do so. And I made sure to take the time and write to both Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins about my perspective as a Maine citizen on our health care needs.

I received replies.

From Senator Snowe, I got a two and a half page single spaced explanation of her inclinations and involvement that discussed the issue. I did not agree with her on everything but she was engaged and concerned.

From Senator Collins I received a four sentence pro-forma “thanks for writing; appreciate it” reply. No perspective or position included at all.

Senator Collins is not engaged on health care reform. She is not engaging with her constituents in a manner that is appropriate to her office. Susan Collins is dissing us. Dissing is slang but is the perfect word for describing the disrespecting, disparaging, dismissing behavior which she is engaging in with regard to the citizens of Maine on health care.

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