Friday, August 14, 2009

Reform Rx - Collins August Absence

I haven't seen Senator Collins around town while health care is our most pressing public debate at the moment and when this summer recess is the obvious time to get public feedback. Where is she? How do voters talk to her directly?

Now, according to Susan Collins' blog:

"I am on Senate Armed Services Committee business with my colleagues, John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Lindsey Graham." Oh, great, she's in Libya at the moment checking on Libyan military health care I can only assume.

I did try to post this comment to her blog:

When will you be back in Maine to discuss heath care reform directly with voters? Can we expect to have you available to hear from Maine citizens directly in several open public forums with accommodation for a large number of attendees?

But I cannot do so because I'm not a "team" member, just a Maine voter. Please try other means to communicate with her and urge her to meet with Maine voters.

And on August 25th Senator Collins will be a well "protected" and limited panel discussion of 1.5 hours sponsored by the Concord Coalition on a panel talking about fiscal responsibility with the likes of the Heritage Foundation.

The Senate reconvenes on September 8th leaving just very few days available to the people of Maine to meet their Senator if she is willing to do so.

Senator Collins: The health reform issue is vital to us; don't wage a cold war with Maine voters; this is no time to "duck and cover".

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