Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ironic Twist in Discourse

I find it ironic that the latest twist in the other side's arguments agains HCR (heard yesterday in several of the town hall shouting matches) is that 50 million new users will be added to the insurance rolls and that there are not enough doctors to go around, therefore health care will necessarily have to be rationed. Is this really their new "talking point"? Are they that nuts to be arguing against themselves? I guess they are, but do they realize the absurdity of their argument? By arguing that there will be that many new covered individuals when (not if, but when) HCR is passed, they are actually admitting to the need for HCR due to the high number of uninsured! And what is their solution to this problem? Is it to educate more doctors and health care professionals to relieve the doctor shortage and provide the necessary coverage? No, it is to defeat the HCR proposals and to continue the status quo if insufficient doctors and inadequate health care, thus relegating these uninsured to a lifetime of sickness and disease, and being an economic drain on society. Go figure!!

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