Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reform Rx - Collins August Absence VI

Our Senator's extended road trip landed Susan Collins on the island of Rhodes today.

Of the 31 day Senate "August" Recess, Senator Collins has managed to avoid Maine with this particular trip for 6 days so far. I'll attempt to tally the total absence if possible but the main issue is that this trip was not essential at this time and engaging in the critical and timely health care debate was essential for Maine citizens.

The "ignore Maine" strategy is likely born out of the belief that her re-election this past year gives her a pass for several years and that memories will be short on her avoidance of working substantively on health care reform. I recall the Susan Collins touting her perfect voting record in the campaign. Those votes are a perfect recording of attendance only; we need her at recess time to connect with her constituency to understand and act upon our concerns so that she can serve us with a better voting record on issues.

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