Monday, November 26, 2007

Who's Better Off?

Call me cold-hearted....or call me someone who sees, every day, the economic consequences of George Bush's Wars.
This post is a response to a conversation I had last week about how much better off the Iraqi people are these days. Whether or not that's true is a matter of some debate, but not my focus here. My question is "Why have the needs of the American people become less important than those of the Iraqis?"
How dare this proponent of family values devalue the American family, whose members are left to try to survive despite the plummeting value of our dollar and the rising cost of gasoline and fuel oil, all direct results of our foreign policy?
How dare this president who claims to be a compassionate conservative show no compassion for his own people?
People used to say that going to war meant choosing guns over butter, since our finite resources cannot offer both. But butter is a luxury, not a necessity, for most of us. When the choice is between guns and heating our homes, between guns and the stability of the American dollar, the choice becomes even easier.
Sure, this is one of many posts complaining about George's Wars. My hope here is not to add one more brick in that high, solid wall. What I'm trying to make so very clear here is that we have elected a government which truly cares nothing for its own people, their liberty and their daily lives.
We have a chance to change this. I won't even ask you to stop complaining about the Democrats and consider the alternative. I won't insult your intelligence by reminding you how important it is to register and cast your ballot. What I will say is that sometimes, this time, voting is not enough. If you are truly ready for a change, get involved, step up and become part of the solution.

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