Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why'd you write that Obama post?

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I'll tell ya. That Obama deal in Portland that I wrote about makes me mad because it is precisely what Democrats don't believe in. They believe in government for all the citizens. Not just who can pay.

And yeah, I know, you see lots of people charging lots of money for stuff these days. But in Kennebec County, we're different.

Earth Day forum: free.
Labor Day picnic: free.
Candidates forum: free. (In Kennebunk, for the same event? $20.)
Fundraising dinner: $25.

Noticing a trend here? Almost always free, and if not free, cheap. We don't stand to make much off the Annual Dinner, unless we come through with a large Host Committee (and I'm trying! Boy am I trying!). And that Host Committee doesn't get "better access", or "more face time". They get acknowledged by us in our printed materials. They get loved by us. And when the elections roll around, you can guess which candidates we'll feel better about helping win their races. THAT is the only quid-pro-quo you'll see from us. Money from you (and as you can spare it, not certain amounts of it!) makes us happy. It makes us like you.

And to me, that dollar I get from the single mom on food stamps is much more valuable than a hundred bucks from a millionaire. Because it takes a special something from us for that woman to part with that dollar. She really has to believe in us to part with that dollar. And in exchange, we'd better deserve that dollar. That woman is the Kennebec County Democratic Committee's "special interest".

So the next time you're at one of our events, and you know you have money you can part with, for pete's sake, give it. You are giving us money to make sure that we don't have to charge that woman to get in. You keep us in the black. The Host Committee makes our dinner cheap, so people can say that they're going out and enjoying a tasty dinner, good company, and not breaking the bank to do it.

And compared to seeing Barack, at least at our event, you get to EAT for that $25. And boy is it tasty!

(P.S.: The Kennebec County 1st CD Candidate Forum is on September 20th at 7:00 PM at Augusta City Hall. Hope you can make it. And if you can spare some scratch, please bring it along and help keep these events free!)

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knowltonk said...

You wrote that very well. I just have one thing to add. Why have we come to the point as a party, that we worship that piece of green paper as more valuable than our people? I was recently solicited by phone for a contribution to a political entity that shall remain nameless. I explained that I barely make my rent and donate much of my time instead. Instead of acknowledging this as it's own value, he simply pursued by asking when I could expect to have some free money, pushing for a commitment of some type. If the Democratic Party has come to this point, where my time has no value compared to a donation of money, then by all means... take my $20.00 and I will spend my time where it is actually needed. I begin to understand why people cringe when they hear Democratic Party as I introduce myself in my phone calling.