Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Picnic a smashing success!

(Cross-posted at Turn Maine Blue)

To those who were there... you know how much fun it was! Over 80 people showed up to attend the gathering with Tom Allen as our main speaker, including five of the six candidates for his House seat (all but Jill Duson). Thanks to the Winthrop Democrats for putting together such a great event!

The peace activists, too, were out in force. They asked Tom some hard questions about Iraq, and he was very gracious in his response. It was good to see Tom in the "no-spin zone".

Maine Impeach also made an appearance, and it's always good to see them, especially JB. To those who know JB, well, you know why it's always fun to see her. She's a hoot.

All five of the attending candidates and Tom Allen have pledged $100 and joined the Host Committee for the Kennebec County Annual Dinner- the Democrats' Family Reunion (Jill, I'll be stalking you soon!). We have also had a couple other commitments, one of which is Sean Faircloth, the House Whip (or whatever they call him these days). We hope to expand the Host Committee to all our electeds in Kennebec as well.

If you would like to attend the Family Reunion, it is on October 26th at the Augusta Elks Lodge, so mark your calendars. You can order a ticket through our ActBlue page. We also have another ActBlue page for our Host Committee.

Thanks to all those who made our event such a smashing success.

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