Monday, July 2, 2007

Insanity is...

...when Paris Hilton spends more time in jail than Scooter Libby.

Can we impeach Bush yet? Please?

If you weren't pissed now, you should be. Investigate. Impeach. Imprison.

And remember that Kennebec County Democrats were the first in Maine to demand impeachment in 2006. We got it in the state platform. We want them gone. While following the advice in the previous post, also think of independence from Republican rule.

I always ask, and I'll ask again: if you believe that what we do is right, if you believe we fight the good fight, then join us. And if you can't join us, then donate to us so we can carry out the work that is so vital.

Happy Independence Day, all. Surely Scooter will be enjoying it. Won't you?

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