Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fighting the Oil Occupation Forces

BP's actions have been criminal in nature. While it cannot make the oil in the Gulf dissolve; it is striving to dilute its culpability to a great extent. This needs to be met forcefully head on. Multi-national corporations ought not despoil our shores and expect to pay dividends to shareholders. Our leaders should address with clarity the ethical liability of BP and propose both a forceful action plan to deal with this specific company and to layout the consequences of amoral economic distancing of any corporate misdeed in the future.

Let us now seize the high moral ground and then occupy it for the long term. We should urge our representatives to imediately pass a jobs bill that employs on a fast track both primarily public and some private individuals in a modern green CCC and a program on par with the 1960's space program to address long delayed needs in environmental denigration, immediate repair of disaster damages, and vastly increased research and development of deployable alternative energy. And without reservation, now is the time to refine and submit a climate bill to Congress because BP's oil spill highlights the need for urgency.

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