Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ballot check off for Hate.

Michael Heath is flirting with getting in the gubernatorial race:

It isn’t know if this is another act in Mr. Heath’s insatiable need for press attention to serve up another opportunity for his perpetual gay bashing or not. In any case, his polarizing and homophobic saunter onto the stage for the race for governor signals the entry of hate into the campaign by an extremist without a remote chance of victory.

As Maine Goes had a posting that is purported to be an email from Mr. Heath:

Email from Mike Heath that was forewarded [sic] to me and one from Rev Dallas Henry:

I met with a good friend yesterday morning. He suggested I allow him to circulate petitions for Governor. If he gathers 4000 signatures by June 1st I told him I'd campaign for Governor this year. Alas, someone has to fix the mess in Augusta ... I suppose. The election is in November. I haven't been keeping track, but I think that makes me the 179th candidate to allow they are interested in the Blaine House!!?? I don't support homosexuality or abortion, in case you didn't know. I'll be talking about all the other issues before November (If Bob gets the signatures). I'll give you a hint regarding my political philosophy ... I believe in the people of Maine (especially the armed men and lovely ladies) more than I do the experts in either Washington or Augusta. Bob is going to need a lot of help, I suspect. He probably can't gather 4000 signatures single handedly. You can reach him at [email address removed] or call him at [phone number removed] to get petitions.

There’s plenty of mixed reaction on any Heath entry into the race on the right noting his potential to siphon off some votes at a cost to a conservative Republican as well as his polarizing effect. Strangely there seems to be no substantial repudiation of his positions but just tactical ramblings.

It is unfortunate that Heath did not go for and somehow get a low turnout plurality to become the Republican nominee. Perhaps the 81% to 19% defeat that George Mitchell delivered to Jasper Wyman in 1988 could have played out again.

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Bruce Bourgoine said...

He's gone, in another 15 minutes of infamy stolen.