Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reform Rx: Giving health care a nose job

From the Wall Street Journal:
Perhaps it's not that America spends too much on health care, but that other nations don't spend enough.
This the conclusion of an opinion piece penned by Dr. Mark B. Constantian, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon from New Hampshire declaring that we have great health care by singing the same tired conservative hypnotic hymn:
Certainly some goes to inefficiencies, corporate profits, and costs that should be lowered by professional liability reform and national, free-market insurance access by allowing for competition across state lines.
The subhead on this opinion piece asks, “Isn't 'responsiveness' what medicine is all about?” The author seems to say that if we can deliver on one selective segment out of the vast array of health care performance indicators, and this one is dubious when it comes to results, then cost, quality, and other factors are minor matters. Perhaps all we need is a talented plastic surgeon to put a better face on US health care.

In Maine one has access to the full text of current and past articles in the WSJ. If the above online link is "locked", use Maine's virtual library: MARVEL ,to access articles with a state library card or by registering online.


pokane said...

Thanks for mentioning MARVEL access to full text articles in the WSJ. Local papers such as BDN, PPH and KJ are also available as well as NYT, LATimes, Boston Globe etc.
If you or any of your readers have questions about MARVEL please feel free to contact me.
Peggy O'Kane
Coordinator of Reference
Maine State Library

Bruce Bourgoine said...

Thank you. This is a MARVELous service to the citizens of Maine.